Hershey, PA Hotels

There are lots of options for Hershey, PA hotels.

Unfortunately, hotels in Hershey, PA can get expensive in high season – especially if you are brining a family.

See for yourself:


Hershey Hotel

Perhaps the most famous Hershey, PA hotel is, well, the Hershey Hotel!

The Hotel Hershey is a historic luxury resort located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. This magnificent hotel, built in 1933, is a testament to the grandeur and style of the era. The hotel is a part of Hershey’s attractions and is known as a premier destination for travelers looking for a luxurious and relaxing getaway.

The hotel’s architecture is strikingly beautiful, with a Mediterranean-style exterior and a grand entrance that leads to a luxurious lobby. The interior of the hotel is equally impressive, with elegant furnishings, stunning artwork, and beautiful chandeliers. The Hershey Hotel is known for its impressive collection of artwork, including an extensive collection of Tiffany stained glass.

The Hershey Hotel offers 276 guest rooms, all of which are spacious and well-appointed. The hotel also offers a range of suites, including the grandest of them all, the Presidential Suite. This suite is a spacious two-story accommodation with a private balcony, a Jacuzzi, and a fireplace.

The Hershey Hotel also boasts an impressive range of facilities, including a full-service spa, a fitness center, an outdoor swimming pool, and several restaurants. The hotel’s fitness center is equipped with the latest exercise equipment, and the outdoor pool is perfect for a relaxing swim.

However, all that luxury comes with a price. A single hotel room with two beds will cost you over $1,300 for a weekend in June.

Other Hotels in Hershey, PA

There are other, more ‘affordable’ hotel options in Hershey.

For example, there is a Best Western in Hershey that will set you back around $720 for a single room that same June weekend.

Or you might choose a bed and breakfast like the historic Londonderry Inn, which, for that same weekend, would cost around $525.

But even these more moderately priced hotels only come with a single room. Far from ideal for a family visit to Hershey.

Hershey Airbnbs to the Rescue!

The good news is that there are family friendly Airbnbs in the area.

Airbnbs in Hershey, PA are a more affordable way for families to stay in the Hershey area than Hershey, PA hotels.

They have multiple bedrooms. And they come with kitchens so you can do home cooked meals rather than taking the family out to every meal.

Plus they come with amenities you just won’t get at Hershey, PA hotels.

For example, Nomad Nest sleeps up to 9 people in three bedrooms so you can bring the whole family!

airbnb near hersheypark bunk beds

And it features a game room with a bar, a giant TV, air hockey, and foosball. Plus it’s stocked with board games. And Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN are included!

And best of all, it features plenty of back yard space.

There’s a gas grill for bar-b-ques, corn hole, and even an outdoor fire pit so your family can make s’mores around the fire with Hershey’s chocolate after a day at the park!

Click or Tap Here to Check Out all the Features at Nomad Nest!

Hershey, PA Airbnbs are a Bargain!

You can get this entire house near Hershey Park for around $420 per night for a 3-day weekend in June!

That’s right: you get a 3-bedroom house with a yard and kitchen and game room for around what you would pay for a single room at a Best Western or a bed and breakfast!

That’s a truly affordable family visit to Hershey!

Not only that, staying as a family (or families) in a house makes for far more memories than staying in a hotel.

With so many living areas, the kids can gather around the TV for movie night downstairs while the adults enjoy a few adult beverages in the living room or – even better – outside in the fenced back yard under the stars!

Bottom Line – Hershey, PA Hotels

There are a variety of hotels available for a Hershey vacation.

From opulent luxury to road-side motels. But you’ll be paying a pretty penny to stay at them. Especially at high season.

But for a fun family vacation to Hershey, consider staying at an Airbnb.

You’ll find it’s more affordable, comfortable, and memorable.

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