April Means Hershey Springtime in the Park!

If you have been waiting for coaster rides all winter, we’re excited to share that Springtime In The Park at Hersheypark is almost here! 

Hersheypark is an amusement park located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. And April is the perfect time to visit!

It is a popular destination for families, friends, and thrill-seekers alike.

While the park is open from April to December, there are several reasons why visiting in April is a great idea. Additionally, staying at an Airbnb is an excellent option for accommodations during your trip.

Why visit Hersheypark in April?

Firstly, visiting Hersheypark in April means that you will avoid the crowds that typically flood the park during the summer months.

The park is much less crowded in April, which means that you will have shorter wait times for rides and attractions. This also means that you will have more time to explore the park and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Best of All, It’s Hershey Springtime in the Park!

Secondly, Hersheypark has a special event in April called “Springtime in the Park.”

You can ride rides and enjoy everything Hersheypark has to offer! So if you have been waiting all winter for a chance to have some amusement park fun, this is your chance.

Springtime in the Park also includes exclusive activities and entertainment, such as photo opportunities with the Hershey’s Bunny and egg hunts for children. There are also seasonal treats available, such as chocolate-covered strawberries and spring-themed cupcakes.

Event hours for Springtime In The Park are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Hershey, PA is Beautiful in April

Lastly, visiting Hersheypark in April means that you will experience the beauty of springtime in Pennsylvania.

Hershey is surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers, which adds to the overall charm of the area.

And while Hershey’s is known for chocolate, nearby Lititz, Pennsylvania is known for pretzels. In 2013, the city was named the coolest small town in the country.

In downtown Lititz you’ll find local shops lining the streets. These are locally owned boutiques and shops that offer customers an experience they cannot get anywhere else in Lancaster County.

Hershey is also a great place to visit Amish Country in central PA.

For a fun and unique way to experience Lancaster County, be sure to take a tour of the Pennsylvania Amish countryside — you can even do it in an authentic Amish horse and buggy!

Afterwards, explore the many Amish-themed attractions and eventsshop for hand-made Amish crafts, and chow down on some authentic PA Dutch cooking — like that found at the Bird-In-Hand Family Restaurant and Smorgasbord.

Where to Stay for Hershey Springtime in the Park

If you are planning a trip to Hersheypark in April, staying at an Airbnb is a fantastic option for accommodations.

Firstly, Airbnb properties often offer more space and amenities than traditional hotel rooms. This means that you can enjoy a home-away-from-home experience during your trip.

Secondly, staying at an Airbnb can be more affordable than staying at a hotel. Many Airbnb hosts offer competitive pricing, which can help you save money on your trip.

Additionally, you can often find Airbnb properties located near Hersheypark, which means that you can easily access the park without having to travel far.

Lastly, staying at an Airbnb can provide you with a more family-oriented experience of Hershey, Pennsylvania. You can choose to stay in a property that has family friendly amenities or one that has a unique design.

This can add to the overall experience of your trip and make it more memorable.

Bottom Line – April at Hersheypark Springtime in the Park

In conclusion, visiting Hersheypark in April and staying at an Airbnb can be an excellent choice for your next vacation.

You will have the opportunity to avoid the crowds, experience exclusive events, and enjoy the beauty of springtime in Pennsylvania.

Additionally, staying at an Airbnb can provide you with a more affordable and authentic experience of Hershey.

So why not plan your trip today?

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