What’s New at Hershey Park in 2023

As the summer of 2023 approaches, thrill-seekers and families alike are eagerly anticipating the opening of Hershey Park.

Known for its exciting rides, family-friendly atmosphere, and delicious chocolate-themed treats, Hershey Park is one of the most popular theme parks in the country.

The 2023 Hershey Park schedule promises to be an exciting and eventful season, with a range of new attractions and activities to look forward to.

Hershey Park 2023 Schedule

Hershey Park is set to open on Saturday, April 1, 2023. Spring Weekends mark a return of coaster riding season, followed by daily summer operations from Memorial Day to Labor Day, May 29 to Sept. 4.

Hersheypark Halloween and the Dark Nights experience weekends will return in September with Fridays being added to the event.

Finally, Christmas Candylane will make its return during the early part of November.

What’s New at Hershey Park in 2023?

One of the most exciting things about the 2023 Hershey Park schedule is the introduction of several new rides and attractions.

Wildcat’s Revenge!

The biggest news this summer is that the much-loved Wildcat roller coaster is BACK!

Coaster lovers were sad when the classic Wildcat roller coaster was shuttered.

But this summer Wildcat is back, and seeking vengeance.

This all-new wood and steel hybrid coaster, Wildcat’s Revenge, takes riders through one-of-a-kind thrills found only at Hershey Park.

Climb a 140 foot hill, hit max speeds of 62 MPH, dive into an 82-degree drop, invert 4 times, and stalk your prey through the world’s largest underflip on three custom trains.

The chase of a lifetime begins this summer!!

What Makes The Coaster Hybrid

Working alongside Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC), they’re adding an all-new steel track to the existing wooden framework to enhance the ride experience, length, and number of thrills!

More Coasters, More Thrills

One of 15 coasters at Hersheypark, the wood and steel hybrid joins one of the largest and most iconic coaster collections in the United States this summer.


One of the most highly anticipated is the Candymonium roller coaster, which debuted in 2020 but was not open for much of the season due to the pandemic.

This roller coaster is the tallest, fastest, and longest coaster in Hershey Park’s history, standing 210 feet tall and reaching speeds of up to 76 miles per hour.

Riders will be treated to a thrilling and scenic journey through the park, including a high-speed trip through the park’s wooded areas and a breathtaking view of Hershey’s skyline.


Another new addition to Hershey Park is the Chocolatetown region, which opened in 2020 and will be expanded in 2023.

This area features a range of dining and shopping options, including the flagship Hershey’s Chocolate Factory store, as well as a new restaurant, Milton’s Ice Cream Parlor, and the Hershey’s Chocolatetown Stage, which features live entertainment.

Character Breakfasts and More!

Other new attractions for the 2023 season include a Hershey’s Character Breakfast, where guests can enjoy a breakfast buffet while meeting Hershey’s beloved characters.

Also new is the Hershey Park Drive-In, an outdoor movie theater featuring classic films and contemporary favorites.

Classic Favorites

In addition to these new attractions, Hershey Park will also feature its classic rides and attractions, including the historic Comet roller coaster, and the classic Hershey’s Chocolate World ride.

The park will also host a range of events throughout the season, including concerts, dance parties, and other special events.

Where to Stay Near Hershey Park in 2023

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Hershey Airbnb

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Bottom Line – What’s New at Hershey Park in 2023

Overall, the 2023 Hershey Park schedule promises to be an exciting and eventful season, with a range of new attractions, classic rides, and fun activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Visitors to Hershey Park can look forward to a summer filled with thrilling rides, delicious treats, and unforgettable experiences.

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