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Hershey Pennsylvania Airbnb: What to Look For

In this article we tell you what to look for in a Hershey Pennsylvania Airbnb and then provide a couple of examples of great family vacation rentals in Hershey.

Finding the Best Airbnb in Hershey

Of course ,the “best” Airbnb in Hershey, Pennsylvania will vary depending on your specific preferences and needs. What may be best for one person or group may not be the best for another.

But most people want a Hershey Pennsylvania Airbnb for a fun family vacation that includes a visit to Hershey Park.

That’s because finding a hotel in Hershey that can accommodate a family vacation can be very expensive. See for yourself:

So let’s explore what to look for from a Hershey Airbnb. And then look at a couple of examples of terrific Hershey Airbnbs.

What to Look For

When looking for a family-friendly Airbnb in Hershey, PA, here are a few things to consider.

Location: Choose an Airbnb that is located in a safe and family-friendly neighborhood. It should be close to attractions like Hershey Park and Hershey Chocolate World, as well as restaurants and stores.

Space: Look for an Airbnb that is spacious enough for your family to feel comfortable. It should have enough bedrooms, bathrooms, and living space for everyone to have their own space. Multiple living spaces allow adults and kids to have their own separate space to relax and watch TV.

Amenities: Check to see if the Airbnb has amenities that are important for families such as a fully equipped kitchen, a washer and dryer, a grill, a high chair, a crib, and other family-friendly equipment. Also look for things to keep the kids entertained like a game room, fire pit, and outdoor activities like corn hole.

Safety: Make sure the Airbnb has safety features such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, and childproofing where necessary.

Reviews: Read the reviews of the Airbnb from other families who have stayed there. They can provide valuable insights on how suitable the Airbnb is for families, what amenities are available, and how responsive the host is.

Host: Choose an Airbnb host who is responsive, accommodating, and willing to help with any questions or issues that may arise during your stay. Again, reviews are the key to finding a great host.

Examples of Family Friendly Hershey Pennsylvania Airbnbs

Now let’s look at a couple of examples of Airbnbs in Hershey that check all the boxes for a great family vacation.

Nomad Nest

Nomad Nest is an Aribnb that was specifically designed for a family visit to Hershey.

Located in a safe family neighborhood, it is infant and child friendly with everything a family needs.

It also has a game room with air hockey, foosball, games, and an enormous TV. Kids and teenagers will find hours of fun in this fully stocked game room!

And while the kids are enjoying the game room, the adults can enjoy some grown up time in the beautiful living room also featuring an enormous TV – perfect for movie nights!

Outside there is a grill, fire pit, and corn hole set. Families can enjoy a bar-b-que and then make s’mores over the fire pit!

Best of all, Nomad Nest is only about 10 minutes from Hershey Park!

And it’s a 2-minute drive from a Weis grocery store and a Walmart. There’s even a bowling ally within walking distance!

Nomad Nest is a terrific example of a family friendly Hershey Airbnb.

Funky Dutchman

Funky Dutchman is another example of a family friendly Hershey Airbnb.

Located In the historic village of Annville, Funky Dutchman is only 15 Minutes from Hershey’s Amusement Park.

Living in Annville for a few days is a unique delight. You’ll be within 6 short blocks of 5 Restaurants, 2 Pubs, multiple coffee shops, antiques, local boutiques, and a one screen movie theater.

Like Nomad Nest, Funky Dutchman was specifically designed for family fun.

It features a dedicated game room with a skee-ball machine, foosball, a Galaga arcade game cabinet, and a jukebox with Bluetooth, radio and vinyls. There’s also a Wii console.

And there’s plenty of space for the adults to unwind and relax.

Outside in the giant back yard you can grill some steaks while the kids take a dip in the unique stock tank pool!

Funky Dutchman is another perfect example of family friendly Airbnb near Hersheypark. It’s the perfect place to have family fun in a quaint historic village.

Bottom Line – Hershey Pennsylvania Airbnb: What to Look For

If you are looking for a family getaway in Hershey, PA then you’re in for a real treat. You just need to know what to look for.

Do a little research and you’ll be able to find an Airbnb getaway in Hershey that is not just a great place to stay, but a big part of the vacation itself.

You’ll give your entire family a vacation they’ll remember forever!

But be sure to book early!! The best family fun Airbnbs in Hershey sell out quickly!

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